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March 2007

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regular: motherearthshop (posted by illuminant_love)
seated: 2007-03-01 20:50
TOPIC: hmmmmm
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i guess i picked a week that everyone was busy.


yay anisette_toast!  you win the prize for taking me seriously.  *love*

and the answers are....

1) I've often seen such aeroplanes taking off vertically
2) If the heat is at all oppressive, let's keep the sun out with the help of the venetian blinds
3) Then we'll go to a nightclub and make eyes at a luscious dancing girl
4) The color is unimportant if the taste is good
5) He froze to death
6) I don't think that I'll be able to save the whole of the finger; you've come to me too late.
7) I can hardly keep my hands off you
8) You were clean shaven when you went away, but you've come back wearing a little beard
9 & 10) Hey there, you good-for-nothing, I"ve been shouting myself hoarse for ages and you won't wake up!

conversational latin is SO useful, huh?
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regular: sea0tter12
seated: 2007-03-02 04:18 (UTC)
TOPIC: (no subject)
To be fair, I tried to get through the first one with help from a dictionary, and all I could get was "airplane." I'm much too stupid to figure such things out :)
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