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March 2007

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seated: 2007-02-23 13:37
TOPIC: da quaeso arabicam!
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Mother Earth Coffeehouse Latinesque Contest!!

[ok, so i found this book, Latin Can Be Fun, lying around at erin1776's place.  it has pages and pages of random conversational phrases, all translated to latin.  i could not stop laughing while reading it.  some of the phrases are completely ridiculous!  when would you ever need to say "What I like best is bread thickly coated with butter and quince marmalade."?????? (that's "mihi imprimis placet panis butyro et malis Cydoniis gelatis bene unctus")  quite funny, i tell you.]

A list of Latin Phrases follows, with a topical clue.  Each of your answers will be rated on a scale of 1-5 -- 1 being the lowest score and 5 being the highest  -- excepting the last of the list, which will be worth a total of 10 points.  Judging will be done subjectively based on accuracy and creativity.  If you can't come up with a translation for the phrase or each word, use the words you can determine, some context clues, and your own wild imagination to come up with your answers.  Answers should be submitted via the comments button, which will NOT be screened.  Implicit in your participation is your agreement to the Honor Code that thou shalt not read other person's answers beforeth submitting your own answers.

Judging will take place on Wednesday, February 28th.  Winners will be announced on March 1.  Real answers will be given at that time.  Winner takes all.  Sponsored by motherearthshop.

1) aeronautics:  saepe talie aeroplana ad perpendiculum exsurgentia videbam
2) weather: volubilibus fenestrarum tegulis solem excludamus, si quid offendat aestus
3) nightlife: deinde in cauponam nocturnam intrabimus atque saltatricem admirabimur bellam
4) wine: parvi interest, quem habeat colorem, si sapiat bene
5) death: frigore confectus est
6) healhcare: totum digitum tuum a me consevari posse non puto; sero ad me venisti
7) personal conversation: vix tempero manibus
8) physical appearance: imberbis abiara, redisti barbatulus
9 & 10) morningtime: heus, heus, furcifer (vel homo nequissime), iamdudum irraucesco clamore nec tu tamen expergisceris!

This contest is open to the public.  Anyone wishing to join us at the Mother Earth Coffeehouse need only ask!
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regular: anisette_toast
seated: 2007-02-28 00:35 (UTC)
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1. The tail of the airplane is perpendicular to the former plastic surgeon.

2. The clouds are excluding the sun and he is offended.

3. ..... something about the night... and it being beautiful... I'm losing steam here!

4. Interesting taste, fully bodied color and it just darn good.

5. Bury me in ice cream.

6. I haven't a clue.

7. Time is money.

8. You look like a barbarian.

9 & 10. Good morning, ya big queen. Now cook me some breakfast and give me some lovin'.
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